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  • Our estimates at @benchmarkmin have Tesla's Gigafactory Shanghai coming online and making lithium ion batteries end 2022...

    Our estimates at @benchmarkmin have Tesla's Gigafactory Shanghai coming online and making lithium ion batteries end 2022. Worth remembering it takes 2 years to plan build a battery plant. 7 years to finance and build a lithium brine operation. Different pace of life. continue reading
  • Rising cobalt prices fuel interest for scrap as sulfate feed substitute

    The sharp rally in cobalt prices over the past two years has accelerated the adoption of cobalt scrap in the production of cobalt metal and salts, including cobalt sulfate, Chinese market participants told Metal Bulletin. The boom in cobalt scrap demand has come at a time when cobalt prices have almost doubled in a year due to a bullish outlook on electric vehicles (EVs) consumption. "Producers on the supply chain, including cobalt producers, lithium-ion cathode producers, and battery manufacturers, all generate cobalt scrap from time to time. In the past, no one cared about collecting or recycling those scraps. But faced with such high cobalt prices, people are searching from corner to corner for cobalt scrap," a cathode materials producer said. Cobalt scrap currently available in China mainly includes leftover cobalt metal, unqualified lithium-ion cathodes, and leftover ternary precursor materials, according to market participants. continue reading
  • China drafts rules to track electric car battery output, use and recycling

    China aims to launch a system to track the production, sale, use and recycling of electric car batteries by August, according to draft rules published by the industry ministry on Thursday, as it tries to prevent mounting pollution risks. China aims to become a dominant global producer of electric vehicles but it is also racing to create policies, incentives and recycling capacity to handle spent battery waste, which is set to reach as much as 170,000 tonnes this year. The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology said in a document published on its website that it would create a "traceability management platform" covering the entire lifecycle of electric vehicle batteries from production to recycling. The system will clarify who is responsible for handling and recycling spent batteries and also establish a formal monitoring system, the ministry said. continue reading
  • Incredible. Shenzen has about 13 million people, and it's switching over 100% EVs...

    Incredible. Shenzen has about 13 million people, and it's switching over 100% EVs for all taxis, ride-hailing, and new light-duty trucks *this year* continue reading
  • Shenzhen City policies will reshape auto markets...

    Shenzhen:<br> May 1st: all new commercial light duty trucks = EVs<br> From July 1: Only EVs allowed in ride hailing <br> By Dec 31: <br> Replace all remaining taxis with EVs <br> Build 5,200 EV chargers for taxis <br> Retire 20,000 diesel light duty trucks <br> City policies will reshape auto markets. continue reading
  • Tesla is one step closer to establishing its first gigafactory outside the U.S.

    Tesla Inc. has set up a new wholly owned company in Shanghai, moving a step closer to producing its electric vehicles in China and establishing its first gigafactory outside U.S. shores. continue reading
  • Association of Mining and Exploration Companies urges WA to take lead on lithium value-adding potential

    A key mining lobby group has called on State and Federal governments to take lead roles in securing WA's stake in the looming global electric vehicle revolution. The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies says WA has a two-year window to grasp a unique opportunity in the downstream processing of battery minerals, which it believes could be worth $2 trillion by 2025. International battery manufacturers should be invited to visit WA and governments should send trade delegations to China, South Korea and Japan to promote and attract investment in the WA sector. A State Government minister and a department should be given direct responsibility for driving the initiative. More research was also needed to harness the opportunity. The report noted that the electro-chemical technology behind downstream processing was subject to patents and closely guarded so companies with the knowledge needed to be attracted. continue reading
  • Leaf leads global sales surge, Australia EV uptake doubles

    Worldwide electric and hybrid vehicle sales are surging as never before, with fresh data showing many countries doubling their sales figures in the first quarter of 2018, including Australia. Data provided by industry statistician shows that Australia sales rose by 132 per cent over the previous corresponding period. Other countries to show strong growth included Finland ( 144%) followed closely by South Korea ( 138%), the Netherlands ( 122%), Spain ( 118%), and Canada ( 114%). More importantly, China also more than doubled its sales (113 per cent), and that is significant because it is by far the biggest market in the world. In total, there has been a global increase in sales of 59% compared to the previous first quarter of 2017. continue reading
  • Interesting statements of @VWGroup at #BatteryShow_EU...

    Interesting statements of @VWGroup at #BatteryShow_EU. VW thinks that by 2025, >25% of new sold cars will be electrified. VW studying whole process chain of #Batteries in detail now. Even an own cell manufacturing still not excluded at all! continue reading
  • Our numbers have always included a Tesla Gigafactory to open in China ~2023...

    Our numbers have always included a Tesla Gigafactory to open in China ~2023. At this stage it looks like it could be a year earlier for the new lithium ion battery megafactory. This will be number 41 in the pipeline. continue reading
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