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  • Electric car growth produces battery shortages, carmakers cant match production with demand

    Conventional car companies are in a quandary, where the only sources for batteries to compete with Tesla are companies like LG Chem, SK Innovation, CATL, and Samsung SDI, which are just beginning advanced NMC 811 production over the next year. It seems that only Tesla figured EVs would be successful this early and planned ahead to build a gigafactory to supply the vast amount of cells necessary to build the large numbers of electric cars consumers want. Even Tesla has to expand its battery factory size and efficiency by 3× to fulfill demand for both storage and EV batteries. The original plan was for 35 GWh for cars and 50 GWh total. The updated plan is for about 100 GWh for cars and 150 GWh total. continue reading
  • Gigafactory 1 battery production has reached an annualized run rate of ~20 GWh...

    @Tesla: Gigafactory 1 battery production has reached an annualized run rate of ≈20 GWh - more kWh than all other carmakers combined continue reading
  • Australian miners steam ahead with lithium exploration

    Australian miners are ramping up exploration for lithium even as prices dip, betting on renewed strength in the raw material used for rechargeable batteries. Delegates at the Diggers and Dealers mining conference in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, said they were turning their focus to growth via exploration, and were expanding into lithium. continue reading
  • In-Depth Look At CATL's Massive Battery Factory In Germany

    Europe is one of CATL's key regions for its strategic growth. With the opening of the production facility in Germany, the company underlines the importance of the German market. The decision for Germany fell, among other things, to: Proximity to the customer, to understand local market requirements and to respond more quickly to customer needs; Offering BMW, Daimler and VW locally produced solutions; and European knowledge in battery manufacturing. The plant in Thuringia is planned as an independent company with production, research and development as well as logistics. continue reading
  • Tesla would consider Australian production

    Electric car company Tesla would consider manufacturing vehicles in Australia, "if the opportunity arose", a Senate inquiry has been told. Telsa senior manager Sam McLean said there were advantages to Australian production, including the availability of a skilled workforce and easy access to lithium and nickel, important to the manufacture of vehicle batteries. But Mr McLean said there were also disadvantages including the size of the domestic market for electric cars, currently well under one per cent of total sales. He said a plan in Australia should set a clear sales targets for electric vehicles and include investment in electric vehicle infrastructure. He said government fleet purchases were also important to fuel the second hand market and greater public education would help people understand the benefits of shifting to electric cars. continue reading
  • As second wave of state storage targets builds, utilities propose new projects

    Energy storage has been taking root across the country, but coastal states have taken the lead in implementing related policies. That could change as states such as CO and NV move closer to potentially ambitious policies to support energy storage. continue reading
  • Lithium demand will move towards increased hydroxide demand...

    @M_Favre: Lithium demand will move towards increased hydroxide demand for better performance and lower cost in batteries continue reading
  • Shell pushes further into EV charging, invests in 'Electric Cars for Everybody'

    The oil giant's latest move is to lead a $31 million investment in EV charging startup Ample in a bid to provide 'Electric Cars for Everyone'. The technology makes use of autonomous robotics and smart-battery technology, according to the company's press release, providing an alternative to traditional plugin charging. continue reading
  • Next 10 Years: China will remain the dominant lithium ion battery producer...

    @sdmoores: Next 10 Years: China will remain the dominant lithium ion battery producer, but other regions are rising. The global battery arms race continues. continue reading
  • German weekly news magazine @Spiegel_english comes to the right conclusion: Germany is in a raw materials trap...

    @lithiumforum: German weekly news magazine @Spiegel_english comes to the right conclusion: Germany is in a raw materials trap! Necessary to secure access to Battery metals, i.e via a German mining investment group. I definitely agree to this. The only way in the long run. continue reading
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