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  • Umicore: Battery recycling can provide sustainable cobalt, lithium

    Mitigating measures, such as recycling and substitution are essential for sustainable battery supply, Umicore said at the Advanced Automotive Batteries Conference last month. Battery recycling is a viable way to ensure the sustainability of supplies of lithium and cobalt, but scalability, collaboration and primary raw material prices will all be key to its success, according to Umicore's director of EU government affairs. continue reading
  • Off-grid battery storage brings power to people

    More than a billion people around the globe don't have access to electricity, according to official figures, and many of those are in sub-Saharan Africa. Home solar-powered energy systems mean families who aren't on an electric grid now have power. Batteries store power by day, to use at night. These kind of home-energy packs, which leapfrog centralised distribution, are becoming popular in sub-Saharan Africa with several companies competing for customers. continue reading
  • WA suburb to trial community battery 'bank' for rooftop solar deposits

    A Western Australian suburb south of Perth is set to trial a community energy storage scheme that will allow solar households to store their excess rooftop generation in a shared battery, installed locally. The City of Mandurah Council last month voted unanimously in favour of taking part in the trial, which will be rolled out by the state-owned utility Western Power in the suburb of Meadow Springs. continue reading
  • Chile says companies to invest $754 million in lithium industry

    Corfo said that within two years the companies would be ready to produce about 58,000 tonnes of cathode per year, the main material in lithium batteries. continue reading
  • The race for knock-down Chilean lithium is surely about guaranteed supply for these co's

    In the race for knock-down Chilean #lithium, the "winners" are: POSCO/Samsung, Molymet and Fulin. Does a small saving on carbonate make it worthwhile? For LFP/LMO maybe, for NMC/NCA probably not... so this is surely about guaranteed supply for these co's continue reading
  • "The singular topic of any meeting or conversation I’ve had in the past six months is security of supply."

    The singular topic of any meeting or conversation I've had in the past six months is security of supply. I don't see how this changes anytime soon. continue reading
  • Powering Last-Mile Connectivity

    An 82% cost decline in PV modules and 76% cost decline in battery storage from 2010-2017 have made solar and battery storage cheap enough to play a key role in powering connectivity. continue reading
  • Cobalt sulphate prices in China rose 5% Feb

    Despite closures for Chinese Spring Festival #cobalt sulphate prices in China rose 5% Feb. Market braced for more rapid increases in March. continue reading
  • Chinese EV Battery Giant Zeroes In on Its First Europe Plant

    CATL, as the company is known, is one of the manufacturers spawned by China's aggressive push for cleaner air and fewer oil imports. The company, which already sells the most batteries to the biggest electric-vehicle makers in China, is looking for a location in Europe with the lowest cost and the demand for electric vehicles on the continent would dictate the capacity, Zeng said. Volkswagen AG has already agreed to use CATL batteries in models it makes in China. That could lead to more overseas contracts for the cell maker and a shot at a chunk of the 50 billion euros ($62 billion) VW plans to spend to power its EVs over the next decade or so. Nissan Motor Co. has also chosen CATL for a new EV model it plans to introduce in China soon, people familiar with the matter said, asking not to be named. continue reading
  • China to start EV battery recycle programs in four regions

    China plans to start electric vehicle (EV) battery recycle programs in the greater Beijing Hebei Tianjin region, the Yangtze River, Pearl Delta River and Central China areas to curb pollution, the industry ministry said on Monday. continue reading
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