Neometals is looking to commercialise its patent-pending process for extracting LiCl directly from brine without the need for solar evaporation.

The purified LiCl can then be electrolysed using the 70% owned and patented "ELi Process" to produce battery quality LiOH.

2018-05-16 17:32:42

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  • Proof of Concept - Direct Extraction of Lithium from Brines

    Neometals Ltd is pleased to announce outstanding results of testwork on a titanium‐based adsorbent, developed by the Company, which has the potential to deliver a more cost effective and environmentally friendly method of extracting lithium and potassium from sodium rich brines as compared to traditional solar evaporation.  

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The mother of invention.

Company's proprietary ELi Process shows potential to operate at lowest quartile costs for LiOH.

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