Injury Management Policy


Neometals Ltd. is committed to preventing illness and injuries at work by providing a safe and healthy working environment that protects the safety, health and wellbeing of all employees, contractors and visitors to its operations.


We strive towards eliminating personal injury. However, if personal injury occurs, Neometals Ltd. concentrates on managing the injury and the rehabilitation process to provide support for the injured worked to achieve optimal recovery. Neometals Ltd. commit to reviewing and understanding the cause of every occurrence with steps being taken to prevent reoccurrence.

Neometals Ltd. will work closely with Contractors to ensure all injuries to contractor personnel are managed in accordance with this Policy.


Neometals Ltd. has developed and implemented an injury management policy which states that successful outcomes would be demonstrated by:

  • Complying with state legislation and regulations as a minimum and in all cases striving to achieve the best injury management outcomes for both the injured worker and the Company;
  • Complete and accurate reporting, recording and treatment of all personal injury;
  • Prompt commencement of the rehabilitation process in accordance with medical advice;
  • Proactive management of injuries from the time of injury to ensure optimal recovery;
  • Making suitable duties available to injured or ill workers to facilitate their safe and early return to work;
  • Respecting the confidential nature of medical information and ensuring there will be both verbal and written confidentiality;
  • Ensuring this Policy is communicated and available to all personal and interested parties;


This Policy applies to all personnel, contractors and visitors involved in Neometals Ltd. operations. Each employee, contractor and visitor is responsible for actively participating in and supporting this Policy.


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