NMT is developing a process for producing lithium titanate anode material, which shows the potential to replace graphite anodes.

Lithium Titanate is a leading anode material, which can replace graphite to improve the performance of Lithium batteries. Its primary advantage over graphite is the surface area of the anode of LTO being around 100 square metres per gram in contrast to typically 3 square metres for graphite. The enlarged surface area enables electrons to enter and leave the anode much more rapidly, leading to ultrafast recharging, enhanced battery life and enhanced safety performance (practical elimination of thermal runaway).

In 2017, the Company engaged a leading US test facility to commence 100-cycle cycle testing of coin cell batteries using Lithium Titanate (‘LTO’) anode material made by the Company at the CSIRO.

Test Results:

  • Two LTO samples made via different methods held higher voltage and current at start and end of 100 cycles (425 hrs) as compared to commercially available LTO:
  • Comparative Loss in Capacity in one sample was highly superior to commercially available LTO.

The conceptual plan is to develop a process producing a superior Lithium Titanate anode material from feedstocks generated from the Company’s captive resources.

The Company recognises the importance of using long-term cycling data in order to characterise the sustainability of battery performance and plans future cell testing of Barrambie/Mt Marion based LTO materials to be scaled up to 500 cycles. Subject to technical opinions the Company will seek protection of IP and commence discussions with potential commercialisation partners.

2018-05-16 17:32:55

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  • Australian Provisional Patent Lodged for Lithium Titanate Process

    Australian provisional patent application lodged in relation to the previously announced Lithium Titanate (“LTO”) research project.

    Pouch cell testing in US confirms superior performance to industry standard LTO.

    Optimisation testwork at CSIRO has commenced.

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  • Lithium Titanate Battery Test Results

    Neometals Ltd is pleased to announce resultsfrom lithium battery cycling test work demonstrating the superior performance characteristics of its Lithium Titanate anode material.

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