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  • Tata Group to set up Rs 4,000 crore (USD$580m) lithium-ion battery plant

    In a major push to electric mobility in Gujarat, Tata Group, has committed an investment of Rs 4,000 crore (USD$580m) to set up a lithium-ion battery plant in Dholera Special Investment Region in Gujarat. According to a senior state government official, the company has already acquired a land parcel of 126 acres in Dholera. continue reading
  • Energy storage and EVs clear winners in union budget 2019: IESA

    The union budget 2019-20 provides key incentives in a bid to make India a global hub for RandD and the manufacture of advanced energy storage and electric vehicles (EVs) by 2022. Significantly, stimulating EV uptake is a priority for the government as the country battles severe air pollution. EVs make up only a meager 0.06 percent of new vehicle sales, compared to around 2 percent in China and up to 39 percent in Norway, according to the Ministry of Finance's 2019 Economic Survey. The new budget places a clear focus on energy storage and EVs, according to India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) president Rahul Walawalkar, who also emphasized the need to bring e-waste management under the highly successful national cleanliness drive the Swachh Bharat Mission. There should be a particular focus on lithium-ion battery recycling, said Walawalkar. continue reading
  • ICE (diesel/gasoline) sales ban or 100 percent ZEV sales target...

    @Thematicafunds: ICE (diesel/gasoline) sales ban or 100 percent ZEV sales target: Costa Rica 2050, Denmark 2030, France 2040, Iceland 2030, Ireland 2030, Israel 2030, Netherlands 2030, Norway 2025, Portugal 2030, Spain 2040, Slovenia 2030, Sweden 2030, Taiwan 2040, UK 2040. continue reading
  • Emissions rules and electric shift to spur car engines MandA

    The auto industry has all but stopped developing next-generation combustion engines as limited resources are directed towards building electric and self-driving cars. Volkswagen is now warning its suppliers to prepare industry-wide solutions for winding down combustion-engine manufacturing as it ramps up mass production of electric vehicles. Germany's Volkswagen, one of the largest manufacturers of petrol and diesel engines, has said it will develop its final generation of combustion engines by 2026, while U.S. rival Ford last month said it would close two engine factories in Europe. "The profit pool of companies with combustion engine-related technology - once the envy of the industry - is shrinking with the rise of electric vehicles and the digitisation of the industry," Goldman Sachs managing director Axel Hoefer said. continue reading
  • Northvolt has teamed up with researchers at Chalmers University in Sweden to develop new recycling technologies...

    @northvolt: Northvolt has teamed up with researchers at Chalmers University in Sweden to develop new recycling technologies based around hydrometallurgy - an approach that will ensure effective, sustainable use of end-of-life Li-ion batteries. continue reading
  • India's Mahindra calls for urgent shift to electric vehicles

    India needs radical measures to accelerate a shift to electric vehicles but the transition will cause significant economic pain, said Anand Mahindra, whose $20bn Mahindra Group is one of the country's largest automobile manufacturers. Authorities have previously suggested that all vehicle sales should be electric by 2030. But in recent draft documents, seen by the Financial Times, the government's in-house think-tank proposed accelerating that deadline, requiring that all three-wheeled vehicles - namely India's ubiquitous rickshaw taxis - sold after 2023 be electric, with scooters and other light two-wheelers making the shift by 2025. continue reading
  • New Solar and Battery Price Crushes Fossil Fuels, Buries Nuclear

    Later this month the LA Board of Water and Power Commissioners is expected to approve a 25-year contract that will serve 7 percent of the city's electricity demand at 1.997c/kwh for solar energy and 1.3c for power from batteries. "This is the lowest solar-photovoltaic price in the United States," said James Barner, the agency's manager for strategic initiatives, "and it is the largest and lowest-cost solar and high-capacity battery-storage project in the U.S. and we believe in the world today. So this is, I believe, truly revolutionary in the industry." continue reading
  • The long read: The dawn of megastorage

    Plummeting costs, industry maturity, and the ever-increasing penetration of global renewables are expanding the use cases for battery storage technology. Over the past year and a half, storage projects are increasing significantly in both scope and capacity. continue reading
  • China's Great Wall-linked battery maker plans to build 20 GWh factory in Europe

    A Chinese battery maker carved out of the country's biggest sport utility vehicle manufacturer, Great Wall Motor Co Ltd, on Tuesday said it is planning its first overseas manufacturing base in Europe. SVOLT Energy Technology Co Ltd, which became independent in 2018, also said it is making "good progress" on developing a cobalt-free lithium-ion battery - a goal of battery producers aiming to eliminate the pricey and increasingly scarce mineral. "We plan to have five production bases worldwide, including in the United States, but it will take time," said SVOLT general manager Yang Hongxin at an event in the Chinese city of Baoding. "The global plan is to reach a capacity of 100 GWh by 2025." The move comes as Asian battery makers deepen cooperation with automakers in Europe, where limited means of making the cells that power electric vehicles has raised concern of over-reliance on Asian manufacturers. continue reading
  • Scheme to be introduced to invite global companies to set up mega-manufacturing plants...

    @EY_India: Scheme to be introduced to invite global companies to set up mega-manufacturing plants in advanced technology areas, such as semi-conductor fabricator (FAB), lithium storage batteries, etc continue reading
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