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  • Matt Hancock launches study into 'deadly poison' of air pollution

    The UK health secretary has described polluted air as a "slow and deadly poison" and warned of a growing national health emergency. Matt Hancock has commissioned a review of the impact of dirty air on health, including updated estimates of the number of new cases of illness that could be caused by air pollution by 2035. Public Health England (PHE) predicted in May 2018 that there would be 2.4m new cases of disease by 2035 if current air pollution levels persisted. According to PHE, diseases with a strong association with air pollution include child asthma, coronary heart disease, stroke and lung cancer. continue reading
  • "Significant acceleration" in grid-connected storage could see 4.3GW installed worldwide in 2019

    This year has already seen "significant acceleration" of activity in the global grid-connected energy storage market, with 4.3GW expected to be deployed this year, analysis firm IHS Markit has said. In a report released to its subscribers, IHS Markit also predicted that there could be 10.6GW of grid-connected energy storage deployments annually by 2025. continue reading
  • I think we are on target for a battery pack cost of $100/kWh as an industry low point (not average) by 2022/2023...

    @sdmoores: I think we are on target for a battery pack cost of $100/kWh as an industry low point (not average) by 2022/2023. The key will be stabilising raw material prices - lithium, graphite anode, cobalt and nickel. Expert supply chain management is key. Most wont achieve this. continue reading
  • BHP to keep Nickel West, Rio looks to Jadar lithium for battery boom

    Global miner BHP will hold on to the Australian nickel operations it previously put up for sale, while Rio Tinto is working on copper and lithium projects as the mining industry bets on demand for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Nickel is in demand to allow cars to travel further on a single charge. Using more nickel also cuts costs by reducing the use of expensive cobalt, a mainstay of current EV batteries. Western Australia is rich in nickel sulphides which can be chemically processed into sulphate, prompting BHP to retain its Nickel West operations after several attempts to sell the business. He said Nickel West offered the potential for high returns because of the expected growth in battery markets and the relative scarcity of quality nickel sulphide supply. continue reading
  • Ionic Materials Explores Plastic Electrolyte for Lithium-Ion Batteries

    Replacing a liquid electrolyte with a plastic one could lead to lithium-ion batteries that are safer and more energy dense. The problems come when there are manufacturing defects, tears in the separator, a puncture in the battery, or a growth of stalactite-like "dendrites" bridging cathode and anode through the separators. In all those cases, a short circuit could result. That is where the other downside of the liquid electrolyte comes in: It's highly flammable. Which is why there have been reports of the (rare) exploding laptop, smartphone, and EV. Ionic Materials' solid-state electrolyte is, of course, its own separator. And it's nonflammable. continue reading
  • SK Innovation to Build Second Electric Car Battery Plant in China

    SK Innovation will build a second electrical vehicle battery production plant in China by investing 580 billion won (AUD$700m). The company is also likely to set up a joint venture (JV) with Volkswagen, which plans to build a battery cell plant in western Germany by investing one billion euros. continue reading
  • Non-electric vehicle sales may have peaked globally, says new research

    A global research house says sales of petrol and diesel cars have passed their peak and by 2040 more than 60 per cent of new cars sales will be electric vehicles. "Electrification will still take time because the global fleet changes over slowly but, once it gets rolling in the 2020s, it starts to spread to many other areas of road transport. We see a real possibility that global sales of conventional passenger cars have already passed their peak," Mr Kerracher said. continue reading
  • China will be the main battleground for electric-car makers for the next 2 decades

    China will be the main battleground for electric-car makers for the next two decades, seeing off advances by the U.S. and Europe, amid a government push toward greener vehicles, according to a new report by BloombergNEF. Annual electric-car sales in the Asian country will reach 2 million units next year, after topping 1 million for the first time in 2018, according to the BNEF report released Wednesday. continue reading
  • Lilium's 36-Motor Flying Taxi Takes Off for the First Time

    The latest would-be air taxi of the future has taken to the sky: Lilium's new vertical-takeoff-and-landing prototype made its first flight on May 4, the Munich-based startup revealed today. Though Lilium says the gleaming five-seat electric can fly 186 miles in an hour, its first flight, like most such tests, was modest. continue reading
  • VW adds electric-car plants in China to overtake Tesla numbers

    In about a year, Volkswagen Group may catch up to Tesla's capacity to make electric cars. VW said Tuesday it is building two plants in China to produce a total of 600,000 vehicles on its dedicated battery-car platform, MEB. continue reading
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