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  • Tesla big battery adds new capacity and services on march to 100pct renewables grid

    French renewable energy and storage developer Neoen has confirmed that the so-called Tesla big battery at Hornsdale in South Australia will get a 50 per cent lift in capacity, and add new innovations and services that will help pave the way for the state to reach its goal of "net 100 per cent renewables". As reported exclusively in RenewEconomy on Monday, the battery - officially known as the Hornsdale Power Reserve - will be the first in Australia to provide digital - or "virtual" - inertia to the grid, an important network service previously only delivered only by synchronous machines (coal, gas and hydro). continue reading
  • Ford bets on an electric Mustang to charge its turnaround

    "We are really pushing our chips in on the table with this vehicle," Ford said in an interview ahead of the Mach E's unveiling. The automaker has said it will spend $11.5 billion developing electric and hybrid models by 2022. continue reading
  • 5 million down, over 1 billion to go...

    5 million down, over 1 billion to go. Global number of electric cars hits 5 million: @IEA continue reading
  • Airbus-backed tournament unveils first electric racing aircraft

    An Airbus-backed air racing tournament unveiled an electric-powered sports aircraft on Sunday, billed as the world's first, as the European planemaker seeks to boost its green aerospace technology. continue reading
  • EU Bank Takes 'Quantum Leap' to End Fossil-Fuel Financing

    The European Investment Bank adopted an unprecedented strategy to end funding for fossil fuel energy projects, in a move expected to support Europe's plans to become the first climate-neutral continent. The board of the Luxembourg-based lending arm of the European Union decided at a meeting on Thursday to approve a new energy policy that includes increased support for clean-energy projects. The bank will not consider new financing of unabated fossil fuels, including natural gas, from the end of 2021. continue reading
  • New Delhi imposed car restrictions to curb the air pollution crisis - its 3rd such scheme since 2016...

    @BeingFarhad: New Delhi imposed car restrictions to curb the air pollution crisis - its 3rd such scheme since 2016. The city is home to over 20M people, where pollution can make it hard to breathe. continue reading
  • Volkswagen will invest 60 billion euro in creating the 'car of the future'

    The German car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) announced on Friday plans to invest 60 billion euro in the "car of the future" by 2024. This amount, of which 33 billion euro will go to its 100 per cent electricity-powered range, is 16 billion euro more than announced last year. continue reading

    Just when you thought you'd run out of reason to buy electric...another one just happens to float by. Or at least it does if you happen to be in Paris, where the principal operator of passenger boats on the Seine is launching the Black Swan. This is the first all-electric passenger boat powered by "second life", ie used, batteries out of electric cars - in this case Renault models. continue reading
  • Adamas: NCM 811 is now the second-most used cathode chemistry in China's passenger EV market

    In China, for the second month in a row, NCM 811 was second-only to NCM 523 by capacity deployed, while the once-popular NCM 622 now finds itself in fifth spot with a mere 5% per cent of the market. In the pursuit of lower costs and higher energy density, a growing number of automakers in China have seemingly opted to bypass NCM 622, shifting instead straight from LFP or NCM 523 cathode chemistries into high-nickel NCM 811. continue reading
  • BMW aims to double battery energy density by 2030

    "The new Battery Cell Competence Centre puts us in an enviable position," said Oliver Zipse, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG. "Taking the technology currently in the BMW i3 as a basis, by 2030 we will be able to double the energy density of our battery cells - and therefore also the operating range of the vehicles for our customers." continue reading
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