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  • Neometals advances integrated lithium plans

    Perth-based battery metals developer Neometals is progressing its plans to become a fully integrated supplier of downstream lithium products as well as a recycler of used lithium-ion batteries. It aims to finalise engineering design for its proposed 10,000 t/yr lithium hydroxide plant at Kalgoorlie, as well as advance offtake negotiations and gain necessary development approvals, in 2019. continue reading
  • Indonesia to decide on electric car policy with Hyundai keen to invest in a plant in the country

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo is meeting his ministers on Monday to finalise the regulations which will encourage sales of electric cars as well as the development of a domestic industry for such vehicles. Officials from Hyundai are due to arrive in the country at the end of the month (Jan) to discuss investment plans for a green vehicle project. continue reading
  • China > 400,000 electric buses, ~50% bus fleet electrified...

    @ProfRayWills: China > 400,000 electric buses, ~50% bus fleet electrified. Chile has more electric buses than any nation besides China - Santiago fleet to go 100% electric. Colombia also going electric. And California commits to 100% electric bus fleet - that's >14k buses (~120 buses in 1st pic). continue reading
  • China powers up electric car market

    For a decade, the Chinese government has coaxed buyers and manufacturers into the electric vehicle market through subsidies and other incentives. The numbers suggest the strategy worked: the International Energy Agency says China buys more than half of the world's new electric cars. Now, the government is set to push the burden onto manufacturers, through a new "cap and trade" system and rules that make it harder to set up a factory to make combustion-engine cars. continue reading
  • I actually think 2019 could be the year we go below $100/kWh from one lithium ion battery producer...

    @sdmoores: I actually think 2019 could be the year we go below $100/kWh from one lithium ion battery producer. Lower lithium and cobalt prices will help this, but manufacturing scale and improvements will drive it. continue reading
  • Solar plus batteries aim to retire natural gas plants in 2019

    For years, proponents of natural gas referred to it as a "bridge fuel," an interim power source on the way to a distant future dominated by renewable energy. That far-off day seemed to pose little immediate threat. Not anymore. Last year, representatives at the World Gas Conference started referring to natural gas as a "destination fuel" instead, even as one US state after another halted plans for natural gas plants. The nervousness stems from the plummeting prices of solar panels and battery storage. Natural gas plants are the historical go-to choice for "peaker plants," which provide electricity during times of highest demand. While rarely used (just a few days per year on average), they're critical to preventing blackouts. Now, solar project developers are moving into that territory. Solar developers are bidding prices for new electricity capacity lower than natural gas plants even after adding batteries. In December, Credit Suisse confirmed that utility-scale solar-plus-storage was already cheaper than gas peaker plants in many cases. continue reading
  • A World of Worn Out EV Batteries

    As the first generation of electric vehicles and stationary storage begins to phase out next decade, millions of lithium-ion battery packs will go out of service. BloombergNEF estimates the total will reach 1 million metric tons in 2027 and keep growing, creating challenges and opportunities for regulators, manufacturers and recyclers. Large-format batteries like those in EVs and home systems are expected to account for 90 percent of the market by 2030. continue reading
  • We are now at 68 lithium ion battery megafactories in the pipeline...

    @sdmoores: We are now at 68 lithium ion battery megafactories in the pipeline. Totalling 1.45TWh / 1,450GWh. This could make 22m EVs a year by 2028. continue reading
  • POSCO to Expand Lithium Plant Production by 33%

    To meet rising demand for lithium, a base material for batteries, that is increasing along with the rapid growth of the electric car market, Posco has decided to expand the lithium plant that it plans to build in Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province. Posco's upcoming lithium plant in Gwangyang will begin producing 30,000 tons of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate annually starting in 2020, using lithium concentrate supplied by Pilbara Minerals. continue reading
  • Another investment to support the lithium-ion battery supply chain...

    @LedouxPedailles: Another investment to support the lithium-ion battery supply chain. Farasis Energy, Inc.'s CEO: "We are currently selecting the final site for a large-scale lithium-ion cell, module and systems manufacturing plant in the European Union" continue reading
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