Neometals has recognised the rapidly growing demand to recycle lithium batteries and the Company is working towards commercialisation of its proprietary process for recovering cobalt and other valuable materials from spent lithium batteries.

2018-07-02 15:42:46

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  • Battery Recycling - Outstanding Pilot Plant Results

    Independent pilot test-work generates high purity (+99%) cobalt sulphate product at high recovery rate (+98%).

    Project economics strongly driven by cobalt, recoveries to date exceed scoping study assumptions.

    Pilot test-work advancing well with copper, cobalt and manganese recovery complete – nickel and lithium to commence imminently with substantive completion in December 2019.

    Successful pilot results are the key milestone for 50:50 JV formation with German conglomerate, SMS Group.

    Joint preparations underway for European demonstration plant and engineering cost study.

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  • Video interview on battery recycling MoU

  • MOU for Lithium Battery Recycling JV with SMS Group

    MoU with leading global processing plant manufacturer, SMS Group,to form a JV to accelerate commercialisation of Neometals' lithium-ion battery recycling technology.

    Successful completion of current pilot plant program will precede a decision to form a 50:50 JV to design and construct a Demonstration Plant and complete a Class 3 Engineering Cost Study.

    Demonstration Plant to be operated in a hub and spoke configuration with Comminution and Beneficiation at SMS sites in Germany and the Hydrometallurgical Plant in Austria. All costs to be borne equally.

    MoU contemplates SMS Group constructing and operating multiple commercial scale lithium-ion battery recycling plants on behalf of JV.

    Agreement represents significant commercial validation of the Neometals recycling technology.

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  • Lithium Battery Recycling - Scoping Study Results

    Lithium battery recycling scoping study results

    Scoping Study supports robust economic outcomes for Neometals’ battery recycling process.

    Process recovers cobalt, nickel, copper and lithium as high‐purity sulphate products, with estimated operating cost of less than US$7/lb (US$15/kg) of contained cobalt as cobalt sulphate, before by‐product credits.

    Provisional patents pending in Australia and Europe.

    Pilot test work in Canada on schedule and will be followed by planned Class 3 Engineering and Feasibility Studies.

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  • Neometals Commences Lithium Battery Recycling Pilot Plant

    SGS Lakefield awarded contract to construct and operate Neometals' battery recycling pilot in Canada.

    Neometals' battery shredding plant successfully commissioned and approximately 2 tonnes of used batteries prepared for leaching stage.

    SGS has purpose-built facilities and world-class hydrometallurgical processing expertise.

    Pilot will produce samples of high purity battery materials for market qualification testing.

    Pilot operation to provide showcase for customers and precedes front-end engineering studies.

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  • US Provisional Patents lodged for Lithium Battery Recycling

    Three US provisional patent applications lodged in relation to the previously announced battery recycling process.

    Pilot plant under construction at Company’s laboratory facility in Canada.

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  • Lithium Battery Recycling - Pilot Plant

    Neometals to invest in pilot plant at its facilities in Montreal, Canada and conduct continuous test work to recover Cobalt, using its proprietary process, from Lithium Ion Batteries typically used in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles.

    Scoping Study estimated operating cost of US$4.45/lb contained Cobalt vs LME Spot/3 month/15 month Prices of ~US$24.50/lb.

    Commenced discussions with potential partners around various commercialisation models.

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