Neometals has recognised the rapidly growing demand to recycle lithium batteries and the Company is working towards commercialisation of its proprietary process for recovering cobalt and other valuable materials from spent lithium batteries.

2018-07-02 15:42:46

Battery Shredder

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  • US Provisional Patents lodged for Lithium Battery Recycling

    Three US provisional patent applications lodged in relation to the previously announced battery recycling process.

    Pilot plant under construction at Company’s laboratory facility in Canada.

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  • Lithium Battery Recycling - Pilot Plant

    Neometals to invest in pilot plant at its facilities in Montreal, Canada and conduct continuous test work to recover Cobalt, using its proprietary process, from Lithium Ion Batteries typically used in Electric/Hybrid Vehicles.

    Scoping Study estimated operating cost of US$4.45/lb contained Cobalt vs LME Spot/3 month/15 month Prices of ~US$24.50/lb.

    Commenced discussions with potential partners around various commercialisation models.

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The mother of invention.

Company's proprietary ELi Process shows potential to operate at lowest quartile costs for LiOH.

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